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Jay & Betty CoppicOur very first road trip to Destin was in 1987. We immediately fell in love with the sugar white beaches and pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It was our little secret love nest that consisted mostly of walking on the beach and regular trips to the fish market. Well, Destin is no longer our little secret and we are very passionate about sharing all that it has to offer.

We have traveled extensively and "rented" property for our own family vacations. So we fully understand and appreciate the importance of finding a great location, having easy access to amenities, and a quality property that is clean and well maintained. In 2001 we took the plunge and purchased our first property in Destin and started living "The Dream". Eventually we moved to Destin full-time.

When we are asked why we manage the properties ourselves, it's a pretty easy answer; Who cares more about a property than the actual owners? Our properties are not "out of sight, out of mind" investments with an out of state owner that is managed by some large cookie cutter property management company. That is far from our approach. We live close to the rental properties and provide a hands-on approach with our guests and the properties. We even conduct our own weekly inspections! We also differ from the "herd" by regularly updating and upgrading our properties to keep the properties up-to-date and current. Since Betty has her Florida Real Estate license, it keeps us abreast of the most current trends in the real estate and vacation rental markets.

Whether you are looking to rent a high-quality vacation property or looking to purchase something for your family, we have the experience to help. Please call or email us, we would love to hear from you.

Happy Vacationing,

Jay & Betty Coppic

Owners / Property Consultants


Owner / Property Consultant

Jay Coppic  - Owner / Property Consultant
Jay Coppic

Glassman Consulting Services, Inc. I Cell: 850.305.6176 I E-mail: jcoppic@GULF911.com

Licensed Realtor

Betty Coppic - Licensed Realtor
Betty Coppic

Coastal Realty Partners I Cell: 850-305-3458 I E-mail: betty@GULF911.com

Dir. Operations / Guest Relations

Josh O'Brien - Dir. Operations / Guest Relations
Josh O'Brien

Next Stay Inc. I 308-627-2706 I E-mail: josh@GULF911.com

Dir. of Awesomeness

 - Dir. of Awesomeness

Quality Control Specialist